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Nov 25 2002

Mekka is dead… let’s go to Breakpoint!

Published by Dixan under party & meeting

As stated on Mekka Symposium website, the best european demoparty will not take place this year. Nevertheless, some of your favourite party organizers are warming up another mindblowing event called Breakpoint, make sure you bring your ass there!

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Nov 15 2002

Late BASS update.

Published by Dixan under news

I just noticed on Ian Luck’s website that a new version of the BASS soundsystem has been published on the 27th October. Check it out!

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Nov 05 2002

Tree Generation Control.

Published by rIo under Tutorials

Noticed on FlipCode a very interesting Image of The Day regarding tree generation. The control is capable of generating very nice looking procedural 3d trees out of some setup parameters.
Visit Ton van den Heuvel ’s Home page to have more information on this Tree control.

tree generation

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