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Sep 13 2006

Function 2006 - October 6-8.

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Function 2006 - THE Hungarian Demoparty

Il Function Demoparty รจ arrivato anche quest’anno! E’ possibile releasare via email, quindi fatevi sotto.

Nel frattempo, posto qui un estratto del sito, che descrive il party:

” function 2006 (a.k.a. function:06 or f6) is currently the only existing Hungarian demoscene party; a computer-related event where fans of digital art compare their skills, exchange experiences and thoughts, and socialize in general.

At the party we welcome both the “oldskool souljah’s” of the scene and beginners likewise. Don’t be afraid that you don’t know anyone yet or already; Hungarian demoscene has been a friendly group who’s happy to see comebacks and newcomers alike.

To avoid any misconceptions: this is event is NOT a LAN-party, it is not worth to attend just because you want to play the same games you can play at home as well. You (hopefully) won’t get tar-and-feathered if you do, but we’d like to note that you WILL probably miss the essence of the party.

However, if you’re interested in a subgenre of computer technology which is mostly ignored by the public, then we’ll be happy to see you at Function 2006! “

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