Dec 08 2005

scene rss feed per LJ

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Annuncio l’esistenza dei seguenti rss feed, specie per chi ha un account su LJ.
Grazie a Truck <3

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As I’ve added a few scene related rss feeds to the rss syndication thingage of livejournal (it’s the way I prefer to get my rss feeds, in one nice friends page view…) I thought I’d share with y’all since, well, posting in my journal would mean just folx that see my journal.

Anyway, some feedage:
scene news network
The ’scene news network’ from Vantage.

Pouët added
Pouet new productions. Warning: this will add more than 20 items per DAY to your list. Most folks will prolly want to add this as a sidebar item, not to their friends list. I, of course, have it in my friends list cuz I’m like that. news news. Not releases, instead, news -i.e. what’s on the front page.

Nectarine News
Nectarine news items. Not what’s playing, or what’s been playing, lord that would be a mess if added to a friends list (:

Slengpung. If you’re not familiar with slengpung, you may wish to avoid adding it just yet. slengpung has a disclaimer, you should read it (:

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