Jan 20 2006

C64 tunes played by an orchestra

Published by Delilah at 3:54 pm under news

Una buona occasione per sentire qualcosa che amate in modo ‘diverso’. Pare che un’orchestra, la ‘Ricciotti Ensemble’, suonerà una selezione di tunes per C64. Questa è la news recentemente apparsa su Nectarine:

“Starting September 2006 the 10-piece Ricciotti Ensemble will be reciting a selection of C64 tunes by Rob Hubbard and Jeroen Tel. This happening is a joint-venture between cultural foundation ‘Oost Nederland’ and micromusic.net. And: you all have a say in which tunes will be played because the final playlist hasn’t yet been finalized! So e-mail Mano (mano at ONinternet.nl) your favorite tracks :)

ONinternet.nl is 80% dutch :( But micromusic.net will prolly be posting news about the event in due time. Alternately, send Mano a message and ask to be kept up-to-date through email.”


source: http://www.scenemusic.net/

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