Jan 29 2006

SceneMusic Newsletter January 2006

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Subject: [NECTARINE] Scenemusic newsletter
Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2006 23:32:04 +0100


First I would like to wish you again (before the end of January) a
happy new year 2006 !!!

I know Scenemusic.com was in a slowly-sleepy state but I will have
more free time to add features and to debug some strange code lines

And now the news.

* A New Profile is born :Junior Admin

The junior admin profile will allow user to validate playlist
insertions.Almost 200 new songs are uploaded every month.

This profil will be only for DONORS who donate in the last year so,
right now, you can ask for the Junior Admin Profile. Just send an
email to nectarine@numericable.frand explain WHY you want to help us
and your demomaking CV ;) No needs to say that we will only validate
people with good demoscene knowledge:)

* The donation list was updated tonight. All peoples who donate more
than 5 euros from 12/12/2005 to yesterday can now validate their
‘DONOR’ status.

* The play list were updated tonight. More than 33 new songs were

* The BUGS tracking service were shut downed one hour ago due to
abusing (someone found useful to report more than 75 bugs only with
spams). The anonymous access will be stopped.

* The last donations call give us ~120 euros in one month. It’s
enough to keep the service alive but not enough to change the server
as we planned (the cpu isn’t enough to support more streams and
others useful services we planned).

May the new year flood your home with happiness, your heart with
love, your life with needs, your soul with spiritual strength, and
your body with good health, your mind with wisdom and your computer
with lots of scenemusic tunes!

The Scenemusic Team !

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