Feb 10 2006

DiHalt 2006: Contribution notice

Published by Delilah at 6:12 pm under party & meeting

We have started accepting contributions to all competitions. Send us your productions to dihalt@flatrate.ru. Size of the mail is unlimited (we hope you’re not insane ;-) ). If you have any questions go to the Contacts-link or to the forum. You can speak online with organizers, just enter IRC-channel #demoscene (irc.forestnet.org). And we notice: if you wish contribute the party but you don’t have any chances to be at the partyplace, we’ll send to you diploma by mail in case if you be a star of the show. :-)

[source= http://snn.vantage.ch/high/index.php?showid=24264]

One Response to “DiHalt 2006: Contribution notice”

  1. rmehtNo Gravataron 10 Feb 2006 at 8:33 pm

    รจ quasi piu vicino e comodo andare all’assembly mi sa… uhm :)