Feb 27 2006

Mo3 source code released

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“Hi, The source code of unmo3 is released at http://lclevy.free.fr/mo3. “The piece of code has been written as a compagnion (validation code) of the document “the unofficial MO3 specification”. It is targeted to developpers or technical people, not for end users. It can be used by IT/XM/S3M modules specialists (tracker editor developper or modules players) to write a MO3 import loader, or more generally to handle MO3 modules in any way. The MO3 format has been created by Ian Luck (http://www.un4seen.com). If you are looking for a good encoder and decoder (but without the source code) and a good module player, Ian’s web site is the right place to go. The features of unmo3 (opensource version) are: * uncompress the MO3 header and samples with lossless compressions. * able to save to a file uncompressed header and samples * able to extract mp3 and ogg compressed samples * can display a channel of a given pattern into 2 forms o as encoded inside MO3 file o as it usually appears in a tracker editor (for .mod only) ” Laurent!”

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