Nov 06 2005

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Articoli / Articles

Questo è l’archivio di quello che era possibile trovare su Umine. Se volete contribuire con i vostri articoli, mandateli via mail e saranno pubblicati. Buona lettura :)

Per gli ultimi articoli, tutorial etc, CLICCATE QUI per visionare la categoria ‘Tutorials’ dei post.

General 2D :

General 3D :

Deforming your objects in realtime part Two by Pierre Rebours.
Realtime Raytracing Programmin Tutorial by Thomas Ludwig (lycium/Quixoft).
An excellent method for packing lightmaps textures. By BlackPawn.
Some funky soap geometry using a torus. By BlackPawn.
Point in triangle test tutorial. By BlackPawn.
Bezier patches for realtime rendering by Michael Skinner.
Octree tutorials in openGL by Cone3D.
Octrees and frustum culling with octrees. by Digiben.
Deep Water Rendering and Animation by Lasse Staff Jensen and Robert Golias. [login required]
Generating exact isosurface normals. By BlackPawn.
Blurring in Hardware and Software. By Alex Evans of LionHead Studios.
Realtime Raytracing Tutorial by Forrest Briggs.
Rendering realtime radiosity by Hugo Helias.
A SkyDomes article that covers two methods you can use to make a sky dome by Luis Sempe’. [pdf]
The Way Your 3d Engine Should Be. By Charles Bloom.
Matrix & Quaternions FAQ.
Introduction to Realtime Shadows. By Michael Skinner.
How Lens Flares works. By Alan Gordie.

General Programming :

OpenGL Related :

Fake radial blur tutorial by rIO^sK.
OpenGL2.0 proposal specs. A 64 PDF pages by 3DLabs.
Tesselation article. By Michael Fotsch.
Particle with Phisics. By Antonio Ramires Fernandes.
Skeletal animation with Milkshape models. By Brett Porter.

Music :

Formati Audio a Confronto - By FrOYd/DeathStar.
Audio Formats Comparison - By FrOYd/DeathStar.
In the mind of a Game Musician - By Marcus Knudsen.
International Music Competition 2000

Graphics 2D & 3D

Mpodelling a low poly spaceship with 3DStudio Max - By Max Shelekhov.

Parties & More.. 02 photo report by Drift^SK
Buenzli 2002 party report by Dixan of Spinning Kids & Mfx
Evoke 2002 party report by Flod of Mandarine
Il d0d log ! Un pezzo di satira della scena italiana. A must see per ogni scener d’Italia!
Our heroes Dixan and Uncle-X reporting Assembly 2001 stories !
Byterapers celebrating their 15 years b-day !
Financial Aspects of Game Development By Tom Sloper for iDevGames.
Where the hell is the fuckin’ underground ? By Yure (ITA).
Where the hell is the fuckin’ underground ? By Yure (ENG).
Does drivers need AI ?
Interview with NetImmerse game engine’s creators.
Demoscene and Games ? It’s possible. Read more on Gamasutra..
Assembly 2001 report. By Uncle-X and DiXan.
Mekka & Symposium 2001 report. By Uncle-X and DiXan.
TheParty 00 report. By Uncle-X.
Party Life - Some hard wired party tricks. (Dixan^SK & MFX)
Artistic - How to become an artistic demo group. (MFX)
Sux - What every coder should have (Here^AD).
d0dlog: una pagina della storia scenica italiana. By Feymour/Japotek and Dixan/sk.mfx.

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